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ECI Order References Screen for SyteLine 7

ECI Order References Screen is a SyteLine 7 enhancement which provides a consolidated screen for addressing 90% of customer service inquiries in 30 seconds or less! This add on, like most was created to meet a specific client need, once installed and tested at one site, it received rave reviews. We then packaged it to be installed at numerous other sites within this company and eventually packaged it to be available to a wider audience - you!

The ECI Order References Screen will immediately:

  • Reduce frustration for your customers and customer service staff
  • Reduce the time spent on the phone with the customer while accessing multiple screens to find information
  • Give a consolidated view of the most frequently accessed information on ONE screen


The ECI References Screen will show information from AR Posted Transactions; Invoice, Debit, and Credit Memos; Customer Orders; RMAs; Service Orders; Shipping Transactions; and Order Status Reports - All in ONE SCREEN!

This product can be purchased "as is" or further customized to suit your needs. Please feel free to review the technical installation and testing doucment prior to purchase. (ECI Order References technical document) Also, please read through or FAQ section and/or contact us if you have any questions prior to purchase. Installation assistance and additional support is available for an hourly fee.

The price for this add-on is $950 USD.

For pre-sales questions or to purchase, please contact sales@SyteLineaddons.com.