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NetStore for SyteLine


Syteline Web Store

In today’s marketplace, it is imperative that your products not only get in front of as many customers as possible, but also that the customers have access to those products and the ability to order them at non-standard times.

NetStore was created to fill this need for organizations using Infor’s SyteLine ERP versions 7 and 8.

NetStore presents simplicity to the user, YOUR customer. Prior to creating this powerful tool, our SyteLine experts evaluated a number of other products and found each to be cumbersome, retrofitted to SyteLine or not compliant with today’s standard security features. Therefore, we created our own solution and have received excellent feedback from customers, with millions in orders being processed through our software to date.


What does NetStore do?

NetStore is efficient and robust, handling many areas of functionality. Some key features of NetStore are:

Syteline Online Store
  • Clickable/drill down capable Bill of Materials and drawings
  • *Hottspotted drawings
  • Bill of Material (BOM) and Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)
  • Part selection and information retrieval
  • Optional ties to internal BOM or **marketing BOM for the public
  • Full ordering history and status
  • Full RMA history and status
  • Greatly reduces customer service time commitment
*Learn more about the hot spotter tool.
**Learn more about the Marketing Bill of Material.

NetStore allows an authenticated user to manage Customer Order Fulfillment directly with the backend SyteLine ERP 7 or 8 system. The web order flows through SyteLine the same as normal orders placed manually by your customer service representative. All standard SyteLine system validations occur with the only indication that this order is different, being the configurable Order Prefix. NetStore also allows Order History browsing; RMA browsing; Customer Ship-To management; Territory Reps or Distributors to control subsidiary customer accounts; Parts Availability lookup; Projected delivery dates; Item Pricing based on the SyteLine Pricing Matrix; Parts lookup; Quick Searches; Quick Order Entry; Saved Templates; and Favorite Parts to be located more rapidly.

More important, NetStore allows your customers to manage and answer many of their needs with no interruption to your day. Efficiency, ordering convenience and lower call volume…those are the key goals!


How does NetStore do it?

Technologies used are: ASP.NET, Web Services, SQL 2000/2005, HTML, CSS, C#, Underlying SyteLine subprograms/Triggers. In general, NetStore relies on the backend SyteLine ERP for most processing and functionality. SyteLine remains the System of Record, with only moderate portions of information being stored in the separate NetStore SQL Database.


What does it cost?

NetStore is offered with scalable pricing options, starting around $15k for a very light footprint, upward to $80k for a robust, full-featured installation. Please see our pricing section for detailed information. Support is offered at 17% per year, (first year required) to allow email support with call-in support for System Down situations, as well as providing upgrades and new versions free of charge as they occur.


Can NetStore integrate into my current website?

Absolutely – NetStore can essentially be one additional page on your website, with only a link added to your main menu bar or navigation pane. Further; if your company needs a new website along with, or standalone from NetStore, we have a highly qualified Web and Graphics department, having deployed thousands of websites and print communications.


IT Certified Requirements:

SyteLine version 7 or 8. SQL Server 2005 Standard (or Enterprise) on Windows 2003/2008 (including ASP.NET >= 2.0). NetStore uses a separate SQL database and communicates interactively with your existing SyteLine database in real time. At this time, NetStore will not work with SQL Server 2000 as NetStore uses CTEs which are unsupported in SQL 2000. NetStore can sit on your existing SyteLine SQL DB server or operate on a standalone server in your network.


What is the Implementation timeline?

Onsite installation requires 2–5 days depending on options. You could have an online store one week from TODAY!


How do I get it?

Call us at 360-597-3206 or email sales@SyteLineaddons.com to consult with a NetStore for SyteLine sales professional today!